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Hotel Nacional de Cuba was our selected place to stay in Havana, on our trip to Cuba, combining with our beautiful hotel at the unbelievable island of Cayo Largo. This is not just a simple 5-star hotel. Hotel Nacional de Cuba is history! It’s the place where some of the most famous individuals in the world have stayed before. People like Nat King Cole, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner and many others. Other famous guests like Jimmy Carter, former US President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Bashar Al Assad, Presidents of Iran and Siria, Kevin Kostner or Hugo Chavez, or artists like The Backstreet Boys, Jodie Foster, Oliver Stone and Steven Spielberg, and much more. I would stay here the whole day listing famous people who have stayed here before.

This amazing architecture pearl opened in 1930, located close by the Malecón (coastal road) in the middle of Vedado quarter. The Hotel Nacional shows an eclectic architectural style, assuming Art Deco, Arabic notes, and some of Hispano-Moorish architecture style, considering also neo-classical and neo-colonial descriptions. There are also shown details from the former old-Californian style. The result is an outstanding example of the most unusual and interesting hotel in the Caribbean region.

It stands located on Taganana hill a few miles from the ocean, and offers a wonderful scenery of Havana Harbour and shore. Lately become under UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 and today still operates as the most famous hotel in Cuba. It’s so important as an attraction, that they even have daily tours to the hotel.

If you are looking for something extremely modern, look somewhere else. Don’t expect it here. Hotel Nacional de Cuba features 457 rooms, spread through 8 floors, and 16 suites. They have a top class concierge service, dedicated to very special guests. There are also multiple taxis and old Havana vehicles at your service 24h at the main entrance of the hotel. It’s just a short ride to the city centre and you will be treated like a VIP here. Their prices for a standard bedroom are around 380EUR per night ($400USD), and I’m positively sure you will never forget your stay here.

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Average Price Per Night: 380EUR ($400USD)


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